Q: What do I do if I think my loved one needs rehabilitation or nursing home care?
A: Generally, a person comes to Belmont Manor for short-term rehab, or long-term skilled nursing care. We suggest that you take a tour of our facility, explain the reason for considering a nursing home, ask questions, and let us know when the person will be discharged.  If the person is coming from home or an assisted living facility, when do you expect the person to enter a nursing home?
Q: Does my mother have to leave the nursing home for eye exams or dental care?
A: Not usually. Routine eye, dental and podiatry care is provided at Belmont Manor from local practitioners.
Q: I work odd hours. Can I visit early in the morning?
A: Yes, our visiting hours are unrestricted. You need to use our employee entrance if visiting before 7am and after 8pm.  It is a secure door with a call button.
Q: I’m not familiar with Medicare Insurance and when it can be used. What are the basic rules?
A: At some point in your stay or your family member’s stay in this facility, it may be necessary to apply for Medicaid benefits.  Medicaid is a state and federal program that covers the majority of an individual’s long-term care costs in a skilled nursing home. Qualifying for Medicaid: Individuals applying for Medicaid must meet strict financial criteria. Generally, a person can have no more than the $2000, a small amount of life insurance, a prepaid funeral, a burial account with approximately $1500 (this account supplements the prepaid funeral) and a car.  His or her income must be less than the cost of the private rate of care. Once qualified for benefits, the monthly income (such as Social Security) is paid to the nursing home, less small deductions for a personal needs account and payment of the premium on a Medicare supplement plan.  The rules are much more complex if the individual has a spouse at home. A substantial amount of information is requested by the Medicaid intake offices.  The office can require up to five years of bank statements, copies of all financial transactions, explanations concerning any transfers made during that time period and copies of all legal instruments such as trusts.  If these requests are not handled properly, failure to comply with them could lead to loss of coverage or denial of benefits.  It is not unusual for an application to take three to four months to complete.  With complications it could stretch into six to nine months or require an entirely new application to be filed. Please contact Susan A. Karger, LSW, if you have any questions.
Q: I’d like to take my father out for lunch. Do I need to make special arrangements?
A: We encourage friends and family to visit. If you are leaving the unit or the facility with a resident, please notify the nurse.
Q: My mother’s doctor does not visit nursing homes. Can you help select a new doctor?
A: We have several doctors credentialed at Belmont Manor. Our Admissions Coordinator will assist you in choosing an appropriate one.
Q: My aunt had a stroke and needs short-term rehabilitation. Do you have a program for this?
A: Our Rehabilitation department is staffed by licensed Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists who provide evaluations and therapy as needed – seven days a week. The therapy can take place on the unit or in our Rehab room.
Q: My wife has dementia and often wants to go places. How does your staff handle this behavior?
A: All of our staff is trained to deal with people with difficult behaviors, including exit seeking. We have secure and alarmed exits and a Wanderguard system in place for anyone who is an elopement risk.
Q: I like to do my husband’s laundry. Will I still be able to do this while he is at Belmont Manor?
A: Yes. We also provide laundry service in-house.
Q: I’d like to make my sister’s room like her room at home. Can I bring in her favorite chair?
A: Yes: the only piece of furniture that needs to stay in place is the bed. It is equipped with side rails and is adjustable.
Q: After three years in a nursing home, we are close to spending all of my father’s savings on his care. How can we apply for Medicaid (MassHealth)?
A: Our Social Worker and Admissions Coordinator can help you. There are financial and medical conditions that must be met, and you must provide documentation and an application. Click here for more information: http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/consumer/insurance/masshealth-apply/