Belmont Manor provides occupational, physical and speech therapy seven days a week as prescribed by a doctor. Therapy can take place on the unit or in our rehab room.

Occupational therapy—Occupational therapists provide treatment to enable the individual the ability to perform activities of daily living. This may include every day skills such as dressing, bathing, feeding, transferring and additional tasks such as homemaking and community re-entry skills. Occupational therapists offer recommendations and training in the use of adaptive devices and techniques.
Belmont Manor, Belmont MA
Physical therapy—Physical therapy programs help older patients improve their strength, balance and endurance following an injury or illness. They teach patients proper walking skills, transferring, using appropriate walking devices, and stair climbing.

Speech-language pathology services—Speech-language pathology services help older patients with speech-language, cognitive-linguistic, and swallowing disorders. They provide training and remediation for communication disorders, including problems with comprehension and expression deficits. These therapists also evaluate and treat swallowing disorders including difficulty chewing and/or swallowing food, liquids, or medications.

Please contact Lindsay Gray-Kazibwe, OTR/L at if you have any questions.