Meeting the Needs of Residents with Alzheimer’s

Understanding the very specialized attention required by residents with Alzheimer’s. Belmont Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has established a 32-bed Special Care Unit.  Within this unit, we are dedicated to helping your loved ones maintain maximum independence and self-respect.

Professional 24-Hour Full-time Care

In order to be attuned to the specific needs of our Alzheimer’s residents, each member of our staff receives intensive in-service training. Residents enjoy the protection and security of a closely monitored environment which encourages freedom of expression and movement.  Yet we are ever watchful, allowing residents not to “wander”, but to move without risk.

  • A full-time program director focuses on enhancing the self-esteem of each resident of the Special Care Unit.
  • The Special Care Unit has its own separate activities/dining area.
  • Individual programs are developed to match your loved one’s activities and interests, reinforcing their basic desire to stay independent.
  • Therapeutic Activities are available 11 hours a day.
  • Day trips are available

Why Residents with Alzheimer’s Require Special Care

The effects of Alzheimer’s have an impact on the way people think, act, and respond. Memory, speech, and learning abilities can become impaired.  Most noticeable is the tendency to wander: often we hear on the news that someone with Alzheimer’s has “wandered” and become lost.

This is why we stress training our staff, programming for our residents, and careful monitoring of their activities. It is important for residents to sense freedom in their daily lives, and for their families to be free of care about how their loved ones live.

Belmont Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Invites You to Tour Our Special Care Unit
We encourage you to explore your options by taking a tour of our Special Care Unit.  Families are welcome to view our facilities, learn about our programs, and ask any questions that come to mind.  In fact, family participation in all aspects of the care of loved one’s care adds an important dimension to life at Belmont Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. We appreciate your involvement, and provide full support to families and residents alike.