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Philosophy of the Nursing Services Department

Nursing Services is the department that helps the resident or patient meet his or her physical and psychological needs when unable to do so on his or her own. The goal of Nursing Services is to help the resident or patient attain the highest possible level of wellness or, in its absence, a dignified and comfortable death

Objectives of Nursing Services:

  • To help the resident/patient to meet his or her physical and psychological needs
  • To provide the resident/patient with the highest quality of care
  • To return the resident/patient to the optimal levels of functioning and level of wellness
  • To assist the resident/patient to attain a productive, meaningful life within the limits of his/her mental and/or physical limitations
  • To provide a caring, homelike atmosphere for optimal rehabilitation
  • To provide the resident/patient a dignified and comfortable death

Contact the Director of Nursing, Mary Murray-Carr RN, at marymurraycarr@belmontmanor.com with any questions or concerns.

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